cad cam dental care

The Best CAD CAM Dental Care for Clients

Better Bite Dental Laboratory offers Digital Dentures for your practice and patients. Digital Denture results in accurately fitting CAD/CAM denture bases and reduces the active working time required for accomplishing complete dentures.

This innovative system from Ivoclar Vivadent integrates the treatment steps in the dental practice with the digital manufacturing processes in lab. Especially designed software programs streamline complex working steps and key elements of this process include coordinated devices, software and materials geared towards the needs of dental technicians and clinicians.

CAD CAM dental care


  • All on Four’s
  • Digital Consistency
  • Digital Smile Design Reports
  • Monolithic
  • Implant Supported Restorations
  • Immediates


The accuracy of Ivoclar Vivadent’s Digital Denture is second to none. With using the tried and tested Ivobase material you are guaranteed strength with the material. Secondly, the Ivobase material is already polymerased so there will be no shrinkage at all.


With 3Shape’s Digital Denture Software, you have multiple tooth libraries as well as being able to adjust the length/width of individual teeth.


If something were to happen to the patients denture, rest assured that an exact replicate can be made by the technician.


The speed compared to making a denture the conventional way is greatly increased. This will not only benefit yourself but also your patients expectations and waiting time.



"Jamie and the team are stars and always produce top quality work."

Ami K


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